云图集:电影实验室2030年全行业视觉路线图 & E互操作性

MovieLabs' CTO Jim Helman discusses his experience creating standards for content classification for the Hollywood studios, as well as the MovieLabs ten-year strategy to bring interoperability to as many vendors as possible. The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) Helman helped create is a content ID which now holds more than 2.800万的记录使生产和经营的许多方面现代化. He'll also update us on the industry's response to the 2030 Vision strategy to bring interoperability to media creation technologies, 需要更少的定制工程和更好的软件之间的通信, 基础设施, 和服务.

Q&答:Caffeine首席执行官Ben Keighran谈论以粉丝为中心的利基体育广播

咖啡因是一个资金充足的, 更新的直播平台,以粉丝为中心, 适合互动观看的内容. 目前,该平台的用户已超过4000万, 其内容主要由长尾和地方体育节目组成. 自2016年以来已融资2.62亿美元, 咖啡因正在成为“你在其他地方找不到的运动”的目的地.这个Q&A with Caffeine CEO Ben Keighran explores Caffeine's unique approach to niche sports streaming and monetization model.

回顾:NETINT Quadra T1U视频处理单元

This review will highlight the NETINT Quadra T1U and explore its capabilities as a video processing unit (VPU) for high-volume encoding and transcoding of single files, 编码梯子, 还有直播.


读者已经说过! 在这里,我们将介绍2023年北美顶级技术解决方案, 由流媒体读者选出.


在本文中, 我研究了流式cdn提供的低延迟服务, 删除实际的供应商名称并根据交付方法得出结论. I'll start with a discussion of the basics of latency before moving on to the testing results and analysis.


Rising fundamental costs morph into rising platform costs for content owners and consumers

The 2023 流媒体 100: The Top 100 Companies in the 流媒体 Universe

The 流媒体 100 is back—welcome once again to 流媒体's annual list that foregrounds the industry's most innovative and influential technology suppliers, 服务提供商, 平台, 以及媒体和内容公司, 正如我们的编辑团队所赞誉的那样. 其中一些是大型和成熟的行业标准承担者, while others are comparably small and relatively new arrivals that are just beginning to make a splash. All set themselves apart from the crowd with their innovative approach and their contribution to the expansion and maturation of the streaming media universe.

IBC 2023的流媒体100

IBC将于9月15日至18日举行, 就在人们热切期待的今年流媒体100强发布之前, 该杂志评选出了该行业最重要的100家公司, 我有机会给一些当之无愧的获奖者一个惊喜, 现场和现场展示.

回顾:ViCueSoft CodecWar

CodecWar是由ViCueSoft创建的分析服务, 编解码器分析工具VQ Analyzer的开发, VQ DVK, VQ探针. 当前配置, the site's ideal users are researchers who are looking for a convenient way to compare codecs using relevant datasets and codec developers who are looking for a structured way to benchmark their codecs against others. 与此形成鲜明对比的是, it's not a particularly convenient way for streaming producers to run experiments to optimise their encoding parameters, 虽然它可以发展成这样.

回顾:Ant Media Server(企业版)

This review will highlight Ant Media Server and many of the features supported with the streaming server. Viewers will also learn how to configure the WebRTC streaming server on Amazon Web Services and how to get up and running with delivering live streams and video-on-demand streams.


Incorporating generative AI into our workflows has the potential to impact almost everything in media technologies, 我将在本文中研究几种可能性.

教程:先进的直播和录制与AJA HELO PLUS

Streaming engineer and strategist and 流媒体 The Video Doctor columnist Robert Reinhardt of VideoRx discusses some of his favorite features of the new AJA HELO Plus Advanced Streaming and Recording Appliance in this new tutorial video. 原来的HELO在他自己的专业现场制作的长期用户, 讨论了新型底盘的设计, 新的布局功能的图片中的图片和更多, 同时流式传输到两个目的地, 新的SRT支持, 和更多的.

Leading Independent Channels Join Forces to Form the Independent Streaming Alliance (ISA)

十大领先的独立流媒体平台, 包括Revry, Vevo, Tastemade, 值得信赖的媒体品牌, recently joined forces to create the Independent Streaming Alliance (ISA) to promote the value of independent streaming channels, 为广告行业提供受众的深入研究, 制定独立流媒体推广和发展的最佳实践, 并设法与中央电视台的主要成员合作.

Revry CPO LaShawn McGhee Talks Global AVOD, Analytics, Content Curation, and Inclusivity

What's it like being CPO at a streaming network that's carving out a unique position in the global media and entertainment universe and managing an expanding array of ad-supported channels and a high-visibility roster of brand partners? 去了解这个角色需要什么, 是什么推动了技术堆栈,使这样一个网络嗡嗡作响, 以及Revry如何发展, 来源, 许可证, 并策划其多样化的内容产品, 我采访了拉肖恩·麦吉, 他是Revry的首席投资官,也是公司的四位联合创始人之一.

NubianTV创始人 & 首席执行官达林·莱弗里特谈论黑人节目的多样性 & 英吉利海峡雄心勃勃的扩张

达维. 莱弗里特, 努比亚电视台创始人兼首席执行官, discusses the importance of Black programming diversity and the ambitious expansion plans of the channel.

回顾:Magewell USB Fusion

The USB Fusion is a device that can be used in a production environment for local content feeds/来源. 它可以用于输入各种来源,如HDMI设备, 网络摄像头, USB麦克风, 视频, 图片, screenshares, 还有其他项目. The USB Fusion is touted as a tool to make your online lectures and virtual events more engaging and to easily combine numerous 来源 into attractive live presentations for remote education, 在线研讨会, 在线直播。, 视频会议.

服务器端与. 客户端广告插入:你站在哪一边?

There are two broad categories of CTV ad insertion: Server-side (SSAI) and Content-side. 我们有SSAI vs. CSAI之前多次辩论, 近年来,SSAI经常名列前茅, but the uptick in FAST viewing is changing the conversation for many stakeholders in the current media landscape. 如今,有效的广告投放远非一劳永逸的命题.

Scripps Networks’ Senior Director of Product Yazmin Wickham Talks Viewer-Centered OTT UX Design

Recently I caught up with Scripps Networks Senior Director of Product Yazmin Wickham to get a better sense of the role a Director of Product plays in developing and managing UX at a diversified media company in the OTT and CTV universe. 我了解了斯克里普斯是如何处理观众体验的, 在AVOD和SVOD模型中, and attempts to deliver as consistent an experience as possible across a wide array of platform, and the challenges and advantages of maintaining a unified (or nearly unified) text stack across the board.


如果你是一家视频出版商,在VVC专利列表中排名并不高, 在2026年或更晚之前,你可能不会考虑VVC. 如果你想增加H.在此之前,264使用更有效的编解码器进行编码, 你最可能的选择是HEVC和AV1, LCEVC也是一种选择. 然而, 如果你是流媒体生态系统中的产品或服务提供商, it's long past the time to start considering where and when VVC is going to fit in for you and your target customers.


Alexey Zaberezhniy, Oxagile的视频解决方案系统分析师, discusses why OTT is the future for cable TV providers and local sports communities.